Welcome to the North Wilts Rifle and Pistol Club site.

Welcome to the North Wilts Rifle and Pistol Club site.

The North Wiltshire Rifle and Pistol Club (NWRPC) was founded in 1967, to offer a wider range of rifle and pistol shooting than could be found in other clubs. That is still our goal through thick and thin, and despite the increasing obstacles to marksmanship as a discipline and hobby, we press on and try to develop new disciplines to replace those lost.

We are affiliated to the National Rifle Association, the National Small-bore Rifle Association and the Wiltshire County Shooting Association.

Here are some of the shooting opportunities the Club offers members:

* Monthly shoots near Old Sarum, Salisbury on a full-bore 25 yard open range with covered 
firing point 

* As near monthly as we can, 100-400m and 500m shoots on the MoD’s Bulford range complex. 

* Monthly indoor .22 shoots on a 25yd indoor range in Marlborough. 

* Occasional shoots on a .22 indoor range near Devizes. 

* Occasional 300-600 yard and 1000yd shoots at Bisley. 

* Occasional 300 -1600m shoots near Enford, with the aim of making these a regular fixture.

As a Home Office approved Club, we are permitted to hold firearms and ammunition for use by visitors, guests and members — so you can get started with us even if you don't already have your own. Our firearms include rifles and pistols of various calibres, including .22, .223/5.56, .308/7.62, .357, and .44. If you apply for and are accepted for membership, and in due course wish to buy your own firearms, we can help you make your choices, and also advise on the procedure to apply for a firearms licence.

From time to time we run events designed to appeal to both the serious competitive shooter and those who simply wish to enjoy some shooting without the pressure of competition. We are keen to support anyone coming forward to arrange away shoots at other clubs, home or abroad, and indeed to invite their return to shoot with us.

We are a friendly and welcoming Club, with strict attention to safety so that shooting is a safe and enjoyable experience for all.
 We look forward to meeting you. 

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